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Attention: Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs.  ..Now get your work load shredded!!!

" Imagine Tapping Into A Publishing Pool Where
You Could Hire a Virtual Assistant For
The Cost of A Pizza Dinner! "

Sound Like A Dream?                                                  

Pinch yourself. You're about to discover how it's done

Let's start with you. Are you a one-man band? Doing all the work yourself? Integrate PayPal or Clickbank on your website, replying your customer's email, maintaining your website, manual article submission and SEO for our site, did I miss anything?

It's a wonderful feeling to own an online business, but it's not so wonderful to be stuck doing everything yourself. No matter how many hours you work in a day, you'll always have tasks that take a back seat and never seem to get done…like Manual article submission, working on your websites, replying customer's emails…you get the picture :)

But if you outsource jobs like Manual article writing, Customer Support, SEO...... it can easily cost you an arm and a leg.

So what's the solution?

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (typically abbreviated to VAs administrative), are entrepreneurs who provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office

The key advantages of virtual assistance services are literally no investment on infrastructure & machines; and no overhead cost/ recurring cost on other accessories such as phone, fax, etc.

Don't waste your money & time to search a reliable virtual assistant on
 elance, guru, rentacoderGetacoder or getafreelancer

From the Desk of: Hasan Abbas (Abby) and Sayeed.
Your own Virtual Assistant.
Dear Website Owner,

I thought of writing a long about your own personal Virtual Assistant.....

... But on second thoughts, let me get straight to the point.

Are you spending your precious and valuable time in answering your customer's queries, online research, SEO, managing your domains, data entry, updating your minisites and blogs etc.. This can burn your time and pocket. Because you don't get enough time to do your  core activities...

I'd like to say something. Giving work away  that doesn't need your attention gives back time and space for an abundance of other things. Which may include:

 Spending more time with your family and friends.

You can grow your business by investing more time in it.

 You can seek more opportunity or can take more advantage of what you have.

 You can gain control of your own life.

Don't let this opportunity to work with me, ifta I'm not looking to fill up the spare capacity in your current work schedule. Enjoy the hours that you spent for replying to your clients' emails over the last few months. This will really improves your business and make a happy family life.

 Remember: We shred your workload and ease your stress.

Don't you want to create a new product or strategy in your free time to stay ahead of your competitors?  

  No Office setup costs.

No rent, no electricity charges.

Don't worry about Employee Insurance, Paid Leaves, Taxes, etc..

It saves  money on expensive items, computers and equipments for your own office setup

You need not have to worry about SLA, Absenteeism, TAT. We take care of it.

No hiring expenses, such as advertising and interviewing.

No training costs. We are professionals and experts in our field.

 No need to buy additional Equipment.

 No need to deal with managing an Employee.

No need to adhere to Federal & State mandates, like OSHA, the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
                     Why to Outsource Work to Virtual Assistant India?
Outsourcing the non-strategic jobs to a VA Company (Virtual Assistant Company), you can concentrate on the big picture - business development and a quality personal life. Outsourcing means engaging specialists for various job requirements. The quality of the support services provided by the specialists gives you an edge over the others in the same field. Under no circumstances you loose control of your work.

Virtual Assistant Help means an extension of your office. An attitude for great customer service produces an output similar to what your input would do. Our target is providing quality service with a personalized approach. The service is provided aiming at "customer delight."

We provide all sorts of back office support services under one-roof.  We at VAH offer our expertise in virtual assistance and back office support services in a professional and cost effective manner through our off-shore facilities. For quotes and more information please feel free to contact us.

BTW Our virtual assistance and back office support services includes the following:

Customer Support/ Email & Live Help.
: Wordpress Blog Installation.
:- Manual Link building
:- Manual Article submission
:- Create, Update or Maintain Minisite
:- Integrate PayPal or ClickBank.
:- LiveZilla Installation (Live Chat Software on your site)
:- Moderate blog/ Forum comments
:- List your items on eBay. We do also provide support with related to any eBay queries.
:- Data Entry
Excel (We create excel sheet/forms embedded with formulas/Macros as per your requirements.)
:- Logo Designing for your website.
:- Captcha: $3/1000 Captchas (New subscription STARTED this project)
:- and much more... Contact us for more details.

You may think that it would be expensive to hire us. And my answer is "NO". We are one of  the best and affordable VA. Check out what our client says:
It has been a pleasure to work with Hasan, he first of all studied my project before putting his plan in to action, which lead to a smooth completion of my project. I found him to be a trustworthy individual who I would recommend highly to anyone.

Our Affordable Rates:
Customer Care Premium Support (Emails)

I will answer your support tickets/emails, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday).
Twice a day. Estimated Turn Around Time (TAT) to answer your support tickets is 1-3 hours per day (Depending Upon Volumes).
Monthly Charges: $999  $599 /month.                                                         Click here to order now.

Your payment will be processed on a secured server.

Customer Care Premium Support (Emails & Live Chat)

I will answer your support tickets/emails, and handle your Live Chat Support, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday).Monthly Charges: $1999  $999 /month.                                           Click here to order now.

Your payment will be processed on a secured server.

Microsoft Office Excel support:

We provide excellent support in Microsoft Excel Sheet creation. We provide from basic help like vlookup, hlookup etc.. formulation to charts, graph, floor planing etc..and more with your Excel sheet. Just provide us your requirements/details and our experts will get in touch with you.

LiveZilla Live Chat Software installation on your site:

Dear Online Gurus, now provide amazing  Live Chat support to your customers at an affordable rate. For demo, please check at the bottom of this page.

Silent Features:
1. LiveZilla, the Next Generation Live Help / Live Support System connects you to your website visitors. Use LiveZilla to provide Live Chats and monitor your website visitors in real-time. Convert visitors to customers online.
2. LiveZilla GeoTracking helps you tp see where your visitors come from on the build-in Geo Location Map. Receive Geo Data like city, region, timezone and country.
3. Full Webcam Support
Canned Messages.
No Hosting.
6. No monthly/yearly payments (Policy & Services are governed & provided by LiveZilla).

Charges: $99  $30/LiveZilla Installation. Click here to order now.

Your payment will be processed on a secured server.

Wordpress (WP) Blog Installation (Basic):
    What you'll get?
1. WordPress Blog Installation.
2. 10 plugins including Mobile Press and Do Follow.
3. 1 theme installed already.
4. 10% Off  for any subscription fees for first 3 months..
5. $25 extra for Javazine theme.
Charges: $59  $30/Blog Installation. Click here to order now.

Note: Discounted Price Valid till 

We'll refund your unused money,
if you're NOT satisfied with our work.

You've nothing to loose. You've everything to gain.

Act fast! our schedule is already tight. Once we have received few more subscriptions we will shut the doors and may not re-open soon.Order risk free.

To your success!
Hasan Abbas
(Abby) & Sayeed.
Your own personal virtual assistant.

P.S. We are going to stop taking new subscription, very soon. So act fast before we close the doors. I was told once by a great marketer:

                                              Do you have any queries???

Skype:   hasan_abbas84
Email:  info[at]

                                              Live Help

    Working with a Virtual Assistant can save time and money!  We take your stress.

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